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humor in the mundane


Seen at a pizza joint in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. How are you making small, ordinary tasks a bit more fun for your users?

sign of frustration

Seen at a school in Harlem. An accurate reflection of the frustration teachers have with the printing and copying facilities that their lessons rely on.

(Photo by my friend & colleague MW.)

seat augmentation

Skiers using food trays to keep their bottoms dry.

off hours airport security

(Photo: The scene at the Newark Airport before it opens.)

3 AM is a funny time to be at an airport. Gone are the ropes that control line movement, the abundance of security personnel and bomb-sniffing dogs, and the frantic pace of travelers trying to make their flight. It’s a lot like being at any business establishment before it opens: quiet, motionless, and dark.

It’s a reminder that security—not just the act of checking bags and scanning passengers, but the feeling of security—is a part of an airport’s service, and it becomes unavailable when closed.

conflicting messages

an added requirement

Is there any meaning behind this? Has there been a problem with customers from previous days/months/years dropping in to use the facilities? Do any customers have the expectation that once you buy something, you are forever granted bathroom access?